Since 1992, as Özerteks, we have been producing for the world


Özerteks presents its products to its customers in fairs organized in various regions of the world. It has proven its quality in these regions with customer satisfaction, especially with exports to the Middle East, Africa and Far East.
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About us

Vision of the Future

We are preparing for the future by developing our design, production and logistics tools. Happy customers are developing innovative approaches to raising our family.

Production Tools

With the production of computer-controlled electronic machines, we increase quality and efficiency and increase our market share internationally.

R&D Investments

We attach great importance to R&D investments in order to sustain success in challenging competitive conditions in developing world markets.

Environmental Approach

We produce environmentally without harming nature with our advanced equipment track for a green and clean world.

Global View

We export our products to more than 40 countries on 3 continents. With our growing market share, we are excited to meet new cultures.

Logistics Solutions

We implement innovative logistics approaches to deliver our products safely and quickly to our customers around the world.

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Since 1992, we have been producing for the world

Özerteks has proven its quality in these regions with customer satisfaction with its exports to Europe, Middle East, Africa and Far East.


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Customer Service

Tel: +90 212 771 36 71


Ozerteks, which exports 80% of its production, produces in hadimkoy/istanbul with production and storage and 15,000 m2 of which is closed space. The production of finished fabrics averages 2,000,000 m2.

Velvet kumas are produced with the existing weaving technology, weaving is produced in weaving machines suitable for viscon, cotton, polyester, acrylic duz and jaccarli variation pattern work, top and/or yarn dye fabric production is carried out.

Using today’s technology at every stage, it produces materials such as discounts, cotton and acrylic and upholstery fabrics and prostrates in the production process. In addition to the aesthetic and functional aspects of the products created in this process, it carefully selects all materials to be used in production. It also makes personalized productions in case of demand.

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New Collection news, Fair participations, you can quickly reach up-to-date information about our company.